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FAQ of the Hollandaise Hero

What are the proper instructions to use my Hollandaise Hero?


  1. Heat 6 pounds of whole salted butter and clarify.
  2. Pour clarified butter into Hollandaise Hero and snap safety lid in place.
  3. Heat in microwave for 10 minutes or until clarified butter reaches between 310 degrees and 340 degrees. Note: always use a probe thermometer to check.
  4. Have the 80-90 egg yolk mixture in Kitchen aid mixing on level 2 speed. Note: set aside ten egg yolks close to mixer so you can cool down sauce if it starts to break.
  5. Pour heated butter into mixing bowl using the rim catching cleats on the spout to rest on the mixing bowl, as fast or as slow as you choose. Note: you must keep clarified butter above 310 degrees
  6. Pour clarified butter until the egg yolk mixture begins to thicken. Usually between 3-5 minutes, then lower the flow of clarified butter. Note: mixture will continue to thicken even after you stop pouring.
  7. Bring sauce up to between 141 to 145 degrees, if you exceed 145 degrees the sauce will begin to break. Note: do not freak out.
  8. Cool sauce quickly by pouring saved egg yolks into mixture, to keep it from breaking. If you overheat the Hollandaise and do not cool it down quickly, it will break and you will need to start over.
  9. Do not leave sauce unattended for two minutes after you have concluded pouring of clarified butter, because mixture temperature will increase during that time and could begin to break if mixture exceeds 145 degrees

Is the sauce made with the Hollandaise Hero authentic and true Hollandaise/Bearnaise?

Answer: Yes it is, in every way. It works with your recipe, just be prepared, your recipe will turn out better in every way using the Hollandaise Hero.

How is it able to be portioned, refrigerated, and used for days?

Answer: The introduction of superheated clarified butter to the egg yolk mixture binds the ingredients into one cohesive product that will not break. This allows the product to be used days after it was made. The only exception is freezing the sauce, freezing the sauce leaves it unusable.

How does the Hollandaise Hero lower my food cost?

Answer: Never 86 Hollandaise, No wasting your Hollandaise! Using the Hollandaise Hero enables the user to store the Hollandaise sauce for days, eliminating waste, and always have Hollandaise available for guest. No more throwing Hollandaise away after service, simply portion and refrigerate! One portion of Hollandaise cost 75 cents per portion, you will be putting money in your company’s pockets instead of in the garbage can.

How can Hollandaise Hero lower my labor cost?

Answer: It literally takes less than 5 minutes to create 40 plus 3 ounce portions of perfect Hollandaise that will not break. It eliminates fixing or remaking sauce during service. Table service will never be interrupted due to Hollandaise sauce failure. Ticket times will speed up considerably and be more consistent. Make Hollandaise once before service instead of 3 or 4 times during shift. Send prep person home early.

How will the quality of my Hollandaise improve using the Hollandaise Hero.

Answer: Using your recipe the Hollandaise Hero allows you to totally customize the thickness and creaminess so that your hollandaise will hold on your eggs until it is eaten by your Guest even minutes after being dished up. Hollandaise Hero Hollandaise will never make your English muffin soggy or run through your asparagus onto the plate. You and your guest are in for a treat.

Hollandaise Hero

The Hollandaise Hero works by taking 90 egg yolks are kept at 38 degrees while the clarified butter is to be heated somewhere between 307 and 345 degrees. The egg yolks are then placed in a 4.5 quart Kitchen Aid mixing bowl along with recipe ingredients and incorporated for 2 minutes using level 2 mixer speed. Let the yolk mixture rest until the clarified butter is at the required temperature. After ensuring that the clarified butter is between 307 and 345 degrees, begin infusion by turning on the mixer to level 2 and pouring the heated butter into the egg yolks.

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